Loch Seaforth, North Harris

Bikers at the pass above Loch Seaforth, North Harris, Outer Hebrides

Life is good - at Hushinish, North Harris, Outer Hebrides

Fantastic roads and brilliant beaches on North Harris, Outer Hebrides.



Coat path at Hushinish, North Harris, Outer Hebrides

Lochs at Hushinish, North Harris, Outer Hebrides

Big Twin HD biker at Hushinish, North Harris, Outer Hebrides

 Macerated strawerries dessert

MV Loch Seaforth at Stornaway port

Harris, Outer Hebrides - Granite paradise
A little gem this road away from the main route from Stornaway to Tarbeth. I’d met at the pass overlooking Loch Seaforth with a group of bikers riding the Island Hopping route. This is one of the biggest and most dramatic road passes in the Hebrides; it'll take them the rest of the week to ride from Lewis down to South Uist, and of course they too are enjoying the fantastic weather.
Chatting with a Harley 1600 Big Twin rider at the beautiful beach of Housinis, at the end of the road. He’s out from Edinburgh, riding solo as the wife no longer rides pillion.
I hiked along the coast path and up a little hill for the views inland, the lochs and the sea. A haunt for many seabirds, including a group of cormorants settled on a ledge.
Big time affirmation: “Life is good”, to quote the password to one of the hotel wifi.
Long drive back but Macerated strawberries and caramelised brioche with rose ice cream on chocolate soil from Helen, the dessert chef at Borve. A pre-dawn start for the early ship back to the mainland, watching the isles recede through the stern window of MV Loch Seaforth as I write this.